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Elder Care at Home

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Elder care at home

The demand for elder care is steadily rising in the present-day society. Also known as senior care, it is a unique care service to meet different needs and requirements of the elderly people or senior citizens. Elder care is a vast field in itself and Relax India is proud of the towering reputation it has earned in this particular domain over the years.

We offer comprehensive elder care service covering all the major aspects including the following:

  • Nursing care
  • Assisted living
  • Adult day care
  • Home care

Advanced age itself is no reason for elder care

Given our in-depth experience in this field, we would like to make one thing straight in the ongoing context. At Relax India, we feel old age itself is never the reason to hire elder care service. One should only consider it in cases of varied physical disabilities and chronic medical conditions that compel individuals from leading a normal life.

India and elder care

One of the crucial factors behind the rising demand of elder care is formation of nucleus families. But as far as India is concerned, there are still many joint families and senior citizens in those households do not require elder care.

Our quality elder care service

Relax India provides quality elder care with customised approach based on individual needs of patients. This enables us quoting a nominal price which our competitors find difficult to match with. Trained and experienced individuals from confirmed sources are assigned duties under the supervision of a health manager.

Our unique elder care also provides clients with assistance in doctor visits, nurse, trained attendants, diagnostic services, home medical equipment, physiotherapy, pharmacy, nutrition and much more.


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