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Physiotherapy For Back pain

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Back Pain

There are innumerable causes of back pain, nearly 98% of all back pains have no serious medical pathology, while a little less than 2% of all back pains are caused due to serious infections and metastatic cancer. And a little less than 1% is caused due to epidural abscesses. Physiotherapy can help with most types of back pain, including lower back pain, ranging from severe, acute pain to low grade intermittent aching. It is usually due to the spine moving incorrectly, causing stimulation of pain-sensitive structures. We can help with back pain at our Home Service

Symptoms & Complications

Pain, ache, stiffness or tightness in the middle to lower back. Pain can be sharp or may be dull, diffuse and aching. It may be aggravated by movement or by rest. Sometimes pain may radiate down the leg and this may be due to irritation of the nerve. When the pain travels down the back of the leg this is often referred to as sciatica.

Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy is very effective for the treatment of back pain. Thorough assessment will help determine the structures causing the pain. Treatment will be tailored individually and may include: ‘Hands- on’ specific joint movements / mobilisations Massage and stretching of muscles and ligaments. Electro-therapy - e.g. ultrasound, interferential, laser. Strapping Acupuncture Simple exercises and advice on posture and activity will be given to help you return to your normal lifestyle and minimize recurrence.

Relax india Can Help You

We at Relax India Home Care bring in clinical expertise supported by international guidelines, well-trained, accredited professionals at all levels including physio, nurses, and Equipment & sleep technicians

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